Luxury motorhomes


luxury motorhomes



If you intend to purchase a lux bus then you need to procure the most excellent vehicle that is worth the money you spend on it. Nowadays you can purchase quality and comfortable luxury rvs which can be utilized as tour buses, hotel shuttle bus, etc.

The best manufacturers offer you user friendly luxury motorhomes incorporated with the utmost safety aspects. These reasonably priced vehicles are sold after subjecting them to a sequence of tests as well as the certified crash tests. They are robustly built so as to withstand the severe road conditions and extreme weather conditions.


Country coach


The country coach is one of the leading and foremost luxury motorhomes manufacturers, which specialize in the sale of lux bus motorhomes. They provide comfortable travel buses fitted with the following aspects such as Dyno Max Chassis, Storage/cabinet space galore, All Electric Package, Light Cherry Cabinets, Dishwasher, 2 double Directional Slide Trays, Radiant Heat Flooring, Sunscreen for Windshield, etc.

Aspects & amenities
Through the buying guide, you will come to know that these luxury rvs are fitted with amenities like Washer and Dryer Combo, Computer Table, Massage / Heated Passenger and Driver Seats, Tile Floor, King Bed, 150 Gallon Fuel Tank, Oversized Ultra Leather Sofa, Custom Interior Package and lots more.
All these choices are designed and fabricated by expert technicians. These lux bus vehicles are fitted with a robust Cummins engine, which is capable of moving the vehicle even under rough rugged road conditions. The length of these Country coaches varies from 37 feet to 40 feet. These luxury rv motorhomes are sold at affordable prices that can aptly suit your needs and requirements.

Newmar Corporation


Newmar Corporation is another leading manufacturer of luxury motorhomes. These vehicles are designed with absolute craftsmanship and are well-known for its durability, comfort and beauty. You can find a variety of Newmar buses under different categories. Under luxury category you can find buses like Mountain Aire, King Aire and Essex.

King Aire
King Aire luxury rv buses from Newmar Corp come with stunning graphics and fitted with robust 600 HP Cummins diesel. Through the buying guide, you will come to know that these coaches have luxury and comfortable seats, excellent Sony sound system to provide soothing music. Some of the other amenities you can find are a twin vessel glass sink and a spacious 40×32 shower with an edge to edge mirror finished walls that are made up of metal tile and custom made glass.
You can also relax yourself during your long journey on the comfortable and sprawling 72×80 king-size bed. The King Aire luxury buses also come with other modern amenities like fridge, dishwasher, television, sofas, etc.

Liberty Coach


Liberty coach is also one of the best manufacturers in the luxury км motor coach sector. It produces quality and affordable coach that can appropriately suit your budget and requirements.

Prevost H3-45
The Prevost H3-45 coach is a popular model that stretches up to 45. This added space is gained in the lower bay storage compartments height permitting you additional configuration alternatives. The driver spot is lower, and provides a sort of partition from your living room. The extensive window in these coaches makes the interiors look spacious and open. Some of the amenities you can find in this luxury rvs are mini bar, comfy sofas, television, sink, king size bed, dishwasher, fridge, etc. Prevost H3-45 is sold at affordable prices to appropriately suit your budget and requirements.